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International Dot Day

The first day of school we read, ‘The Dot’ by Peter H. Reynolds. ‘The Dot’ tells the story of a caring teacher who reaches a reluctant student in a remarkably creative way. In Reynolds’ book, the teacher dares a very resistant Vashti to “make her mark.” Vashti’s breakthrough begins with a simple dot on a piece of paper. Encouraged by her
teacher, she sets off on a journey of self-discovery, letting her creativity bloom and ultimately, inspiring others.

Our students then created some dot art of their own. In the spirit of encouraging our children to be creative we are making our mark by joining others around the world in participating in International Dot Day. On September 15, students in Miss Daphne’s class should wear dots. Polka Dots, dotted face paint, or anything dot related!


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  1. Robin
    Posted November 16, 2014 at 9:23 pm | #

    I had a lot of fun doing all of those activities!😄

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